South Africa

South Africa is well known for its sunny climate and friendly people.

It is also known for shaking off apartheid, the constructive role of Nelson Mandela, winning the Rugby World Cup twice, and successfully hosting the 2010 Soccer World Cup.

South Africa is the richest country in Africa. As a curious mix of First and Third world economies, It is the powerhouse of the continent and the gateway to the markets of all African countries. If you do business through an SA-registered company, you can be better accepted throughout Africa and other parts of the world like the EU, the USA, Australia, India, Brazil, Russia, China, etc.

We help you to set up a company like “ABC Import Export (Pty) Ltd” with a South African registered address, tax agent, and apostille so you can open a bank account and run the SA company in your own country. Or we can open and manage a South African bank account for you in your company’s name. No South African tax for applicable DTA countries (Africa / World) and free port customs zones.

For the best international image, profit-making, and tax-savings, use a South African Offshore Company!