South Africa – Best for Offshore


South Africa is by far the leading economy in Africa by most metrics, with it being home to the most high net worth individuals, and highest levels of total wealth held by them.

South Africa has the highest levels of total wealth, more than double the next closest (Egypt), and almost three times bigger than the biggest African economy (Nigeria).

We have recently incorporated South African companies for overseas clients who trade from countries like Belarus, Canada, Latvia, Lithuania, Moldova, Seychelles, Turkey, Uzbekistan in industries such as:

  1. Agricultural products and organic foodstuffs
  2. Civil aviation parts and repair
  3. Logistics and transportation
  4. Land and oil survey equipment
  5. Marine consulting services
  6. Marine freight
  7. Oil and gas products
  8. Real estate development
  9. Seeds and grain
  10. Servers hosting

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