United States Trade Partners

US trade figures for 2016 in millions of US dollars:

Source: Wikipedia

Live in the United States?
Want to trade more effectively with BRICS and African countries?
Trade from the USA using a South African Offshore Company and clinch more trade deals to Make America Great Again #MAGA #TrumpSuccess

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South Africa Offshore Banking

Incorporate an Apostilled South African Offshore Company with us (see Orders) and apply at Swedbank, the leading bank in Sweden, Estonia, Latvia, and Lithuania to open your corporate bank account for trade worldwide. It’s as easy as 1,2, 3.

You may also apply in any other country in the world to open a bank account for your South African Company.

Or apply to us for a South African Offshore Bank account with ABSA Bank (South Africa).

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South Africa Highly Respected

South Africa is highly respected in the international world of business.

We have recently incorporated South African companies for overseas clients who trade from countries like Belarus, Canada, Latvia, Lithuania, Moldova, Seychelles, Turkey, Uzbekistan in industries such as:

  1. Agricultural products and organic foodstuffs
  2. Civil aviation parts and repair
  3. Logistics and transportation
  4. Land and oil survey equipment
  5. Marine consulting services
  6. Marine freight
  7. Oil and gas products
  8. Real estate development
  9. Seeds and grain
  10. Servers hosting

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